The Blogger’s Glossary

Select A Letter ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU VWXYZ This Glossary Is A Work In Progress. If you've got anything to add, just leave me a comment in the comment section. A Above The Fold Above the fold is the part of the webpage you see after the website has finished loading and before … [Read more...]

Best Content Of The Week: 20-26 Jan 2014

Another week has passed full of great articles about SEO, Marketing and various other subjects. I’ve decided to do something different from this week on. In addition to including the best article I’ve read, I’ll also include the best videos I’ve watched. Hope you enjoy this week’s Best Of and if … [Read more...]

Best Articles Of The Week: 13-19 Jan 2014

Over the past week i've read many article on various subject related to Online Marketing (SEO, Social Media, Monetization, etc). I am starting a new series where each week I will share with you the best articles I've read. The goal of this series is two fold (1) to keep up with my reading and (2) … [Read more...]

Multiple Topic Blogs: The Pros and Cons

A question asked by many people about to start their blogging journey is whether they should write about one or multiple topics on the same blog. This article will not draw a conclusion and say which one is better. Instead, it will give you some pros and cons for both situations and let you make … [Read more...]

50+ Creative Facebook Cover Designs

I’ve collected over 50 amazing Facebook cover designs that I will be sharing with you below. I made this post in the hope that the designs you see will give you some fresh ideas and inspire you to get more creative with your own Facebook cover design. Think of each cover design as a jigsaw puzzle … [Read more...]