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How To Send One Email And Make $9900

Imagine the following scenario. A visitor comes to your website or blog by clicking a link through Google. He reads an article, maybe two, perhaps leaves a comment, and exits your blog most likely never to be seen or heard from again. Email Marketing allows you to capture that person’s email and continue to build a relationship with him. How? By sharing the golden nuggets, the best, most valuable content that you can possibly write.

How To Make Your Facebook Page Likeable – Part 1

Back when I first created my Facebook page and had 0 likes I remember being very excited and at the same time in doubt. How many people will like my page? Will they press the like button? How many will click through to my blog? Questions like that stayed with me for a while but, as I got more experience and as I read more about building a Facebook page, I learned a few tricks that you can use to your advantage.

HootSuite VS Buffer: The Ultimate Comparison

If you are reading this article, then you’ve already made up your mind – You want a tool that will allow you to easily manage your social accounts. You are somewhere in between deciding to join HootSuite or Buffer, and you just can’t make the final decision. This article has been written with a single goal in mind – to provide you with a one-stop resource, decision maker type article that will save you time by providing you with all the information you need to make a confident choice.